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Brown Colleagues: Trump Decision to Reopen Meat

We further urge you to immediately disburse sufficient PPE to all USDA food inspectors to protect the workers who are tasked with keeping our food supply safe Americans need access to food during these challenging times Farmers and ranchers need to be able to sell their products to processing facilities Without the proper health and safety

How Intermountain is preparing for a surge of patients

How Intermountain is preparing for a surge of patients with COVID-19 Standards for safely reusing and preserving PPE have been implemented across the system Our Supply Chain Organization manufactured 50 000 new face shields to maintain adequate supplies for Intermountain and other health providers in the region Live dashboards enable our supply management team to direct PPE

Brown Colleagues: Trump Decision to Reopen Meat

We further urge you to immediately disburse sufficient PPE to all USDA food inspectors to protect the workers who are tasked with keeping our food supply safe Americans need access to food during these challenging times Farmers and ranchers need to be able to sell their products to processing facilities Without the proper health and safety

PPE is being dropped o

vital that we use our limited PPE supply prudently at this point The CDC does recommend that reusing respirators and face masks may be needed in times of severe shortage Most importantly the CDC recommends that health care facilities prioritize their use of face masks preserving them for the highest risk of infection We all know that staff

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CDC updates recommendations for healthcare supply of

The CDC also understands the importance of providing guidance that healthcare facilities can implement given supplies of PPE available The CDC communicates regularly with healthcare industry partners as well as PPE manufacturers and distributors to assess availability of PPE At this time some partners are reporting higher than usual demand for select N95 respirators and facemasks If

Clermont County hands out 145 000 pieces of PPE

"Preserving the PPE supply in our healthcare facilities is one of the reasons we've been practicing social distancing and staying at home " said Health Commissioner Julianne Nesbit "This will be a long-term response so PPE will always be in high demand for those on the frontlines but we're thankful we've been able to help our local partners stretch their supply "

A Doximity Interview with the CDC: PPE Health Care

Doximity: Some facilities are telling clinicians to only use one set of PPE per 12 hour shift All patients with cough are given a mask as well What is the advice of the CDC? How often should PPE/masks be changed? Neil Gupta MD MPH: Ideally all health care personnel should have access to the proper PPE when and where they need it when for caring for patients However as this pandemic has

Nursing Home Concepts of Operations for Infection

Nursing Home Concepts of Operations for Infection Prevention and Control Summary Please refer to the CDC gov COVID-19 landing page for Healthcare Professionals and the CMS gov main web page for the latest guidance and recommendations Residents and staff of nursing homes are particularly vulnerable to the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 This Concept of Operations (ConOps) document

Preparing Long

Preparing Long-term Care Facilities for COVID-19 Kara M Jacobs Slifka MD MPH Long-term Care Team Prevention and Response Branch Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Aggressive Action Needed to Protect Residents Given their congregate nature and resident population services long-term care facilities are at the highest risk of being affected

Planning Beyond the Pandemic: Considerations for Hospital

Given the supply chain issues experienced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic Facilities may not be well stocked in some of these areas at the present time and an effort to assess readiness in these areas is advisable in case the Facility finds itself unable to maintain or procure supplies during times of unrest Facilities are required to track the location of any on-duty staff and

FEMA Administrator April 15 2020 letter to Emergency

Fellow Emergency Managers First let me thank you for all the incredible things you have done and continue to do for the American people I am thankful for your tireless efforts under these unprecedented and demanding circumstances and for embrace of the guiding principle: locally executed state-managed and federally supported emergency response and recovery

Kaiser's COVID

Continued This can even hold true for two patients on ventilators in the ICU according to Kaiser's surge plans Parodi continued That allows healthcare workers in that ward to don the PPE before they open the door and go from patient to patient thus allowing for reuse of PPE while following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and thus preserving the PPE supply

Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of N95 Respirators

02 04 2020In order to conserve the supply of N95 respirators healthcare facilities should understand which of their HCP need to be in a respiratory protection program and thus medically evaluated trained and fit tested If training and fit testing are conducted during two separate steps it is possible to allow limited re-use of N95 respirators used by individual HCP during training and then fit

Preserving precious PPE

N95 masks are in short supply but a system that went into effect in Montrose last week could offer some help by decontaminating up to 80 000 N-95 masks every day Each used mask according to the nonprofit scientific research firm Battelle can be decontaminated and redeployed for "battle" against the coronavirus up to 20 times Battelle calls its technology — which was recently


Government of Canada's PPE Supply Hub OSHA/U S Department of Labor's FAQ on Cloth Face Coverings OSHA Europe's Safe Workplace Resources Resuming Essential Work Travel Go to Table of Contents GCCA COVID-19 Recovery Guide 5 Bringing Your Workforce Back On-Site While many employees have been designated "essential" and reported to the job site on a regular schedule

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) During COVID

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is acutely aware of rapidly expanding needs for personal protective equipment (PPE) for numerous organizations across the state – including masks gowns gloves and eye protection PPE resources are limited in the Commonwealth and we must conserve the use of PPE Currently DPH and MEMA are only able to serve as a bridge when an entity has a


RSNA COVID-19 Task Force: Best Practices for Radiology Departments during COVID-19 M Mossa-Basha J Azadi J Ko J Klein C Meltzer COVID-19 Task Force* Given the emerging and evolving nature of the situation many institutions hospitals and clinics have also established their own local guidelines We urge you to follow the evolving

Keeping staff safe with an unprecedented PPE effort

Maintain our emergency cache: When we accessed our emergency supply of PPE this spring leaders found that some of the equipment was no longer effective Much of it was out of date and hadn't been stored in climate-controlled conditions Leaders are working on climate-controlled storage and detailed inventory lists for the future Those lists will include calendar notes to rotate supplies as

Use of personal protective equipment in nursing practice

Use of personal protective equipment in nursing practice Use of personal protective equipment in nursing practice However some items of PPE such as wipeable visors or goggles can be cleaned and disinfected after use and subsequently reused • Manufacturer's instructions must always be followed Stocks of PPE should be stored above the floor in a designated clean and dry storage

Preserving Artisan Craftsmanship Through a Pandemic

Image: The Saheli Women make face masks with production off cuts to distribute to the local community Credit: _saheliwomen / iphd_india How are artisan communities adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic? Sharing stories from India to Africa Beatrice Murray-Nag finds out what we can learn from the world's independent makers and why preserving these ways of working means sowing the seeds for

FDA Provides Temporary Guidance for Non

For cases in which PPE is in short supply for compounders the FDA recommended preserving PPE by limiting the number of personnel conducting sterile compounding activities and reducing the number of sterile compounding activities overall with considerations paid to the risks and need for specific compounded products The FDA also recommended that compounders if possible use alternative PPE

March 30 2020 UPDATED Overview of COVID

Limitations in testing capability may be due to testing supply access as well as personal protective equipment (PPE) supply Some areas are preserving their test kits for high-priority patients or limiting tests at certain sites to ensure they do not run out of testing supplies or PPE

Province TongWeis unprecedented steps to support COVID

Mike Farnworth Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General is using extraordinary powers under a state of provincial emergency to keep British Columbians safe maintain essential goods and services and support the Province's ongoing response to novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Interim Guidance for Reopening the Health Care System

Physician practices and health care facilities have seen massive drops in patient visits caused by a combination of shelter in place orders and patient fear This may lead to much more complex problems in the future as patients miss routine screenings and preventative care With proper safety precautions a doctor's office is one of the safest places for a patient Reopening physician

Reopening Office

Guidelines for Reopening the Health Care System Executive Summary As COVID-19 spreads throughout the world Pennsylvania and the United States took steps to limit the transmission and impact of the virus by implementing stay-at-home orders and postponing non-emergent surgeries and procedures While this has so far prevented any surges overwhelming our hospitals it has also meant

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